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Notice of Commencement ToR
Notice of Commencement Terms of Reference - February 26, 2012

Josephine Cone Mine PD
Jan 31 2012
Josephine Cone Mine Project Description - January 31, 2012


As part of the ongoing commitment by the Bending Lake Iron Group (BLIG) to provide updates and information with respect to the Josephine Cone Mine Environmental Assessment process, I am pleased to provide you with the following information.

Federal Environmental Assessment:

On December 13, 2011 a draft Project Description (PD) for the Josephine Cone Mine was submitted to the Major Projects Management Office (MPMO) office of the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (CEAA). Following the submission of the draft PD it was reviewed by representatives of CEAA. In early January BLIG received a comprehensive list of items that were required to be addressed prior to the PD being accepted by the MPMO. The BLIG team worked diligently throughout January to complete the necessary revisions, additions and clarifications.

On February 01, 2012 a revised PD for the Josephine Cone Mine was submitted to MPMO by CEAA.

On behalf of BLIG I am very pleased to inform you that the Josephine Cone Mine PD has been accepted by CEA and the Federal Environmental Assessment process has formally begun.

As a requirement of the PD submission, copies of the PD were provided to the MPMO of CEA and are available on the BLIG website.

CEAA is presently reviewing the PD and will be providing a response to BLIG within the timelines set out in the regulations.

You will note from the PD that there is a tremendous amount of information relating to community involvement during the Josephine Cone Mine Environmental Assessment process.

On behalf of BLIG we are very pleased with the quality of the PD and we look forward to meeting with you in the future to continue the process of developing an appropriate and acceptable Environmental Assessment.

Provincial Environment Assessment:

In order to commence the Provincial Environmental Assessment process a Notice of Commencement of Terms of Reference (ToR) must be filed in local papers. The purpose of this notice is to make individuals and communities aware that the Provincial EA process has commenced. Notices were published in the following papers on February 26 & 28, 2012: Thunder Bay Chronicle Journal, Atikokan Progress, Dryden Observer and Ignace Driftwood.

In preparing our draft ToR we have made extensive reference to the Code of Practice, Preparing and Reviewing Terms of Reference for Environmental Assessments in Ontario (October 2009). We have also been very much assisted by the Ontario Government document, Draft Guidelines for Ministries on Consultation with Aboriginal Peoples Related to Aboriginal Rights and Treaty Rights (June 2006).

BLIG has been working for many years to develop the Josephine Cone Mine and the Environmental Assessment is a very important step and a very exciting milestone for BLIG and the communities that will be benefited by the development of the mine. In keeping with the Provincial Environmental Assessment process, draft Terms of Reference are being developed by BLIG. It is our intention to provide the draft ToR to the Provincial Government late in the month of March, 2012.

As always, BLIG remains committed to open dialogue with all communities or individuals and I would welcome the opportunity to speak directly with you in the event that you would like to contact me. My e-mail address is rmacrae@bendinglakeiron.com, my telephone number is 705-541-8413 and my mailing address is Bending Lake Iron Group Limited, 201 Hardisty Street, Thunder Bay, ON, P7G 3G8.

I look forward to hearing from you and I remain,

Yours truly,

Rob MacRae
Vice President Sustainable Development



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