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Bending Lake will be developed into a commercially viable mining company  providing high quality, value-added iron products to the iron & steel industry.

It all begins with consistent, high-grade concentrate production.  Bending Lake will produce one of the finest concentrates available in North America.  That is what will be used to make our value added iron products.

BLIG iron products can be used directly into blast furnaces or as substitutes for steel scrap, hot briquetted iron (HBI) or merchant pig iron in electric arc furnace steelmaking and in iron foundries.  The Bending Lake Iron Group (BLIG) has worked to position the company to make the highest and best use of the ore body and available technology to evaluate the potential market in Canada and the US for its’ iron products in the steelmaking and/or iron foundries.  We’ve worked diligently to evaluate the economic potential of bringing iron units into the market in various forms; nuggets, iron ore concentrates or pellets. 

After commissioning reports, studying the market and conducting strategic planning sessions with project team experts and outside consultants, we gained a greater understanding of available iron processes and potential markets.  Through our planning processes it became apparent that in order to position the company to take advantage of the most significant market potential we realized it is best to stay with the tried and true. 

Logistics, iron specifications and qualification protocols lead experts to recommend we approach our industry with renewed awareness and appreciation.  Fundamental questions about sustainability reveal new information about the overall health of the iron and steel industry.  In order to operate in an economy where industrial production is somewhat sluggish, it is incumbent upon us to downside risks by looking to position the company to take advantage of the most versatile products and customer base”.

The Bending Lake Advantage:

  • Incorporation of leading edge, best of breed production processes,
  • Ample local workforce,
  • Proximity to market: the largest consumers of MPI reside in the Great Lakes Basin,
  • Year round production,
  • Accessibility:  year round transportation by rail and water,
  • Energy:  ample natural gas and hydroelectric energy,
  • Environmental and ecologically sensitive planning,
  • Longevity: 35+ year life of mine, and
  • Broad based community and political support.




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