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Bending Lake Iron Group Ltd operates as a mining company in Canada. The company operations include: Administration, Government Relations and Permitting, Engineering and Strategic Directions and Financial Relations. Each of these divisions work directly on bringing the BLIG Joesphine Cone Mine into production.

The company was founded in 2008 and is based in Thunder Bay, Ontario with a field office in Wabigoon, ON and field camp at the future mine site.

Businesses thrive when synergies happen. When people, technology and governments work together they build a stable work environment. The Bending Lake Iron mine and processing facilities are scheduled for a 2017 start-up. To get the start-up there are many tasks to be completed such as the Environmental Assessment; finalizing the engineering and arranging for the many goods and services required for builidng and operating the mine and related facilities.

It will take a great deal of capital and hard work but our strategy is sound and processes are straight-forward. We will take magnetite, crush it, refine it and make an iron pellet using usinga proven process that will save time and money. We hope to take advantage of the available workforce, available iron-making technology and work with entrepreneurs, consultants, experts and others to seize available opportunities and meet our milestones successfully.

Inquires, contact:

Henry Wetalainen

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