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April 2012

April 4-5, 2012 – NWOPA Presents:
Northwestern Ontario Mines and Minerals Symposium

Once again Bending Lake Iron Group Limited will be attending the Nothwestern Ontario Mines and Minerals Symposium being held at the Valhalla Inn, Thunder Bay April 4 & 5, 2012. BLIG will be participating as an exhibitor and will be highlighting recent project updates and developments. Join us and we’ll fill you in on how our exciting Project has been advancing!

Rob MacRae, VP Sustainable Development speaking with delegate, NWOPA 2011

March 2012

March 4-7, 2012 – PDAC 2012:
International Convention, Trade Show and Investors Exchange
– Mining Investment Show

Several members of the Bending Lake Iron Group team attended the four-day annual Convention held in Toronto, ON. PDAC is the event of choice for the world’s mineral industry. The event showcases over 1,000 exhibitors, 27,700 attendees from 120 countries and it allows the opportunity to attend technical sessions, short courses as well as social and networking events.

February 2012

February 15, 2012 – NSWPB & CEDC Present: “Mining Your Future”

The North Superior Workforce Planning Board partnered with the Thunder Bay CEDE to host a “Mining Your Future” forum on employment and opportunities in the Mining sector. The forum was held at the Best Western Nor’Wester on February 15, 2011 and targeted unemployed or underemployed individuals interested in pursuing a career in the Mining. Henry Wetelainen presented “Exploration in Mining” as well as “First Nations/Métis in Mining”.

January 2012

January 22-23, 2012 – Resource Investment Conference:
Vancouver Convention Centre

Henry Wetelainen and Rick Sandri attended the 2012 Vancouver Resource Investment Conference. The event consists of a number of exhibits, keynote speakers and workshops and enables participants to conduct their due diligence under one roof in order to learn how to profit in resource stocks at a time when unfolding world events are impacting world commodity markets.

October 2011

October 12, 2011 – Eagle Lake Mining Information Session

Henry & Clayton Wetelainen attended a mining information session hosted by Eagle Lake First Nation and the Dryden Development Corporation. Topics of discussion included the mining sequence, local mineral exploration activities, mining business supply/service gaps, and education and employment opportunities.

September 2011

September 21, 2011
– The Chamber of Commerce Presents Prosperity Northwest

Bending Lake Iron Group Limited participated in the Chamber of Commerce Prosperity Northwest forum alongside various other community businesses to help energize the business community with emerging opportunities, enhanced contacts and enriched sector intelligence. The BLIG team provided attendees with project information, updates and promotional items.

September 28 – 30, 2011
– Ke-ondaatiziying Treaty 3 Area Economics Opportunity Conference

Members of Bending Lake Iron Group Limited attended the Ke-ondaatiziying Treaty 3 Area Economics Opportunity Conference held in Kenora, ON. The conference was an opportunity for municipalities, First Nations and Business to work together in rebuilding partnerships and developing economic opportunities in the Treaty 3 Area.

July 26, 2011 – Discover the Value of Iron:
Presentation & Dinner by Bending Lake

Bending Lake Iron Group Limited hosted a symposium and dinner on July 26th 2011 at the Valhalla Inn, Thunder Bay. Over 120 community members were in attendance including Aboriginal leaders, municipal and provincial politicians and other various stakeholders. The symposium commenced with a presentation by the BLIG Management Team profiling the industry as it impacts the region, the BLIG strategy, goals and preferred outcomes. Topics included; economic drivers, execution strategies, community and provincial support and benefits to the region.

Henry Wetelainen with Mayor Keith Hobbs

March 2011

Mining Matters Mentoring Program February -  (Tentative)

PDAC - (Toronto, ON)

25th Anniversary of Reservation Economic Summit (RES)
- March 14th-17th, 2011 (Las Vegas, NV)


April 2011

2011 SME / Minnesota Section Annual Meeting & University of Minnesota Mining Symposium - April 12-13, 2011 (Duluth. MN)

May 2011

Mines with Borders - CIM Conference & Exhibition
May 22 to 25, 2011 - Montreal, Quebec

February 2011

Participated in a Career Fair at
Lakehead Employment Services.

December 2010

December 1, 2010
"Inspiring Change
- Creating Opportunities"
with Dr. Christine Kaszycki
- Ring of Fire Coordinator
presented by Thunder Bay Community Economic Development Commission

March 2010

Mineral Prospecting Program

Confederation College and Bending Lake Iron Group expect to be offering a second Mineral Prospecting Program in response to the number of students who expressed interest in the initial course.  Contact Riley Burton at Confederation College for enrolment information 807-475-6274 or rburton@confederationc.on.ca  Financial assistance opportunities may be available but the processing can take time so please get started as soon as possible.

PDAC2010 Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada
Core Shack 
March 7-10, 2010 
Toronto, ON



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